A simple demo of Ansible playbook operations

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For a more in-depth discussion, check out this blog post.


  • Clone this repo down to the system you'll be running Ansible from and make it your working directory
$ cd $HOME/code
$ git clone
$ cd ansible-mojo
  • Create a symlink from /etc/ansible to $HOME/code/ansible-mojo
$ sudo ln -s /etc/ansible $HOME/code/ansible-mojo
  • Create a Vagrant VM using the image bento/xenial64 and VirtualBox as your provider
$ mkdir ~/vagrant-boxes/bento_ubuntu
$ cd ~/vagrant-boxes/bento_ubuntu
$ vagrant init bento/ubuntu-16.04; vagrant up --provider virtualbox
  • Configure the VM to be accessible via host lookups on your machine (e.g., add it to your /etc/hosts)
  • Add the vagrant user's private key to your authentication chain/agent for passwordless access to the VM
$ ssh-add ~/vagrant-boxes/bento_ubuntu/.vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/private_key
  • Create a RSA key to use for the ansible SSH user and populate $HOME/code/ansible/authorized_keys with it
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/ansible_key
$ cat ~/.ssh/ansible_key > $HOME/code/ansible-mojo/authorized_keys
  • Add this new RSA key to your authentication chain/agent for passwordless access to the VM as user "ansible"
$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/ansible_key
  • Install Ansible v2.2.0 from source repo on GitHub
$ cd $HOME/src
$ git clone -b stable-2.2 git:// --recursive
$ cd ./ansible
$ source ./hacking/env-setup
  • Add your Vagrant VM host to Ansible's host inventory ($HOME/code/ansible-mojo/hosts)
  • Test Ansible operations with your Vagrant VM
$ ansible yourvmname -m setup -e ansible_ssh_user=vagrant


First run:

$ ansible-playbook main.yml -e ansible_ssh_user=vagrant

Subsequent runs:

$ ansible-playbook main.yml


  • Create more distro-agnostic plays (e.g., same play for both CentOS and Ubuntu)
  • Roles! Galaxy!


Send edits/ideas to, or fork the project on GitHub and send me a pull request.


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Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2016 Rick Crelia

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